Oil Company Manager Says It’s Obligatory to Support National Police Force to Reduce Crime


By Hatab Nyang

Mr. Dodou Touray, the operation manager of Tech World Oil Company, said it is obligation for Gambians to support their national police in a bid to ensure everyone is protected from criminals in the country.

Mr. Touray made the remarks recently at the laying of a foundation stone of a police station at Fula Bantang in Central River Region (CRR).

“Security is a moral duty for all patriotic citizens, hence the police cannot do it alone and it is a paramount obligation for all and sundry to support the national police in their quest to establish a free, safe and egalitarian society for all,” Touray said.

Touray’s oil company- Tech World, is the sponsor of the new police station. Speaking at the foundation stone laying event, he said it is a duty they owe to the State. Manager Touray said the gesture is part of their corporate social responsibility that’s why they deem it necessary to build a police station in Fula Bantang.

According to him, this is another step their company took in order to help the Government in providing security to the people by minimizing or reducing theft and crime rate in the country.

Also speaking at the event, Mr. Mamud Jobe, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), said it is good to have a police station in each constituency in the country where the police officers will stay in, saying when an emergency comes, it will be easier and quicker for the police to reach the scene.

“But when the police station is far away and there is an emergency and you want to gather people to go and respond to the situation, is very difficult,” he said.

IGP Jobe thanked Ebrima Touray, the proprietor of Techworld Oil Company, for answering to his request to support the Gambia Police Force, while adding that police stations in Brikamaba and Bansang are far away from Fula Bantang.

“This is a good move to build a new station here and {it} will reduce theft cases and crime rate in Fula Bantang and satellite villagers,” Jobe added.

Fula Bantang Alkalo, Muhamadou Dem, thanked the sponsor for bringing the project to his-led village, adding that police presence will reduce crime rate in the area.

“Now we can all sleep well without any fear that thieves will come to our various homes to steal as that is always the case here,” the Alkalo lamented.

Cherno Lamin Jawo, the Imam of Fula Bantang, said the high rate of theft in their village and satellite communities made them to be so uncomfortable, but the police station will now allay their fears.

Meanwhile, the size of the police station under construction measures fourteen meters by fifteen meters (14m*15m), containing four offices and one store. The cost of the project is estimated to be over one point five million dalasi.