Journalists Oriented on Gender Based Violence Reporting


By Makutu Manneh

Paradise Foundation on Thursday oriented Media personnel on Gender Based Violence reporting.

Stakeholders including the police, activists and members of the Paradise Foundation, seized the opportunity accorded them and sensitized media practitioners on issues affecting victims or survivors of Gender Based Violence and their families.

They also talked about the role of the Police in the fight against gender based violence for reporters to have better understanding of the issue. Journalists asked the Police spokesman questions pertaining to the subject.

Haruna Drammeh proprietor of Paradise Media Company encouraged Journalist to endeavor more into reading and research for more development.

“We are the mirror through which society see things to learn,” he said.

He also expressed that lot of editors in the media have problems in editing stories pertaining to gender based violence.

Haddy Dandeh Njie Jabbie, Deputy Lead Counsel at the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) reminded journalists that they should understand that when one talks about GBV, it is violence affecting both men and women.

“When one talks about Gender Based Violence it seems to be associated with only the female,” she said.

She said male are also facing GBV, but it is rarely reported.

Neneh Toury of MoWCSW said in the Gambia, the female folk constitute 51% of the population and that if they are subjected to some of these violations, it will be unfortunate.

“We know how this can impact the lives of majority of the population in the country,” she said.

Paradise Foundation is a socio-economic development-oriented organization which has been supporting people and communities in need over the years. The mission of the foundation is to enhance the quality of lives of individuals in the Gambia through access to employment, health care and social protection. Paradise Foundation aims to continue supporting the government in its efforts in serving their communities.