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About Us

Foroyaa was established in1987 and soon became known as the paper
that speaks the truth and promotes civic awareness. It is respected by all
sectors of society. Foroyaa's policy is to avoid speculation and get to the
truth through investigation before publication – publication of the truth in
good faith and in the public interest.

Foroyaa aims to play its constitutional role (section 207) of holding the
government accountable to the people to minimize impunity and abuse of
office that are often detrimental to the welfare of the people. It is at the
forefront in covering arrests, detention without trial, attacks on the media,
unconstitutional behaviour, misappropriation of public funds, misconduct
and all other forms of maladministration.

Foroyaa extensively focuses on governance issues.
The paper is read by people of all walks of life who are seeking information
or knowledge. Even those who oppose the opinions expressed
acknowledge that Foroyaa publishes facts and reports fairly.

Foroyaa is legally registered as a newspaper and incorporated as a
company. It has an Editorial Board of six members that is responsible for
policy matters. Its offices are located in the Kanifing Muncipality, where
nearly all the newspapers and most radio stations are based, is run by the
managing editor who is the secretary to the Board.

Its staff number 32 (including 7 media practitioners). It also engages the
services of 12 freelance reporters and columnists and 7 others as
newspaper distributors. Foroyaa relies on proceeds from sales and
advertisements to run the newspaper.

Foroyaa has been operating a website since 2009 and the website has
been reconstructed and now provides for an online radio and many other
features or applications.

In addition to the newspaper, Foroyaa monthly magazine started
publication in February 2018.

Foroyaa has also applied for a licence to operate an FM radio station which
will streamline its broadcast.