Gambia Negotiating To Host OIC In 2023


By Makutu Manneh

President Adama Barrow has disclosed that the Gambia is negotiating with the OIC secretariat and member countries to host the summit in 2023.

“There is no date scheduled yet but our intention is to organize it in 2023, we are negotiating with the secretariat and the OIC member countries,” he said.

The president is confident that they can organized the OIC summit, adding that the country was able to host the Muslim league which is connected to the OIC.

He said they are negotiating to make sure that they scheduled a date which is favorable for them to host the summit. 

The president added that they are sure of hosting the summit as the member states are in support. 

Comparing his last visit to OIC road project sites where he expressed dismay that the progress on the 50 Kilometre road is slow, now the president said he has seen progress in the work.

“We have seen tremendous progress as far as the 50 kilometre road is concerned and the way we have seen the roads it will make a big impact once completed,” he said. 

He said before the end of 2022 the progress of the work will be visible to all.

The president made these remarks after a two day visit to OIC project sites and basic and secondary schools where they are building new classes.