There is no OIC summit this year

The public has shown interest in the different projects associated with the OIC summit. There is investment on roads and other infrastructural development with a view to holding the summit.

Ex-President Wada’s development projects in Senegal associated with the OIC summit in that country is an eye opener. A remarkable architectural and infrastructural development took place in Senegal which enabled it to leave an indelible record.

Many had anticipated that a similar development will precede the holding of the summit in The Gambia.

Foroyaa monitored every step taken in preparation for the summit and came to the conclusion that time is running out if it were to hold the summit this year. We repeatedly asked whether it was realistic to hold the summit this year. The agent continued to ask the people to keep hope alive. However hope that is not based on indispensable projects associated with the summit must be short lived. This is why Foroyaa constantly called on the government to tell the public what was obviously becoming to be a failed promise.

As December crept in silence with compound owners protesting against demolition of their properties without compensation and without the completion of any major road project, only those who could believe in the unthinkable could believe that the summit could be held this year.

It is therefore no surprise that the government will come out to say that it is negotiating to hold the summit next year. It is now clear. There will be no OIC summit in The Gambia this year.

The government should therefore be very careful. It should ensure that the policy of compensation before demolition is officially adopted and implemented.