GAMCOTRAP to Distribute 10,000 Face Masks to Gambian Children


By Ndey Sowe

The Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices affecting the Health of Women and Children (GAMCOTRAP) has launched a project aimed at distributing 10, 000 face masks to children across the Gambia in support of the Government effort to curtail the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

The launching is part of a project titled: “Reducing all forms of exploitation and psychological, physical and sexual violence against Boys and Girls in Senegal and The Gambia”.

The event took place on Wednesday, 16th September 2020 at the office of the Mayor of Kanifing Municipality, funded by Sida CSO and Save The Children and it will be implemented by GAMCOTRAP.

Princess A. MunaHot, the Executive Director of GAMCOTRAP said the face masks will be distributed nationwide for all children across the seven regions in the country.

She added that the project will target community leaders, teachers, religious leaders, child protection community committees, community members and students for the distribution of the face masks.

“Children all over the world have been adversely affected by this pandemic in all sectors of their lives and The Gambia is no exception”, she said.

She detailed that even though the harmful effects of the pandemic would not be felt equally, it is expected to be more damaging for children in poorest communities and those in already disadvantaged situation.

Representing the minster of Women, Children and Social Welfare Bintu Fatty who is the Director Department of Children Affairs described the initiative as a great one, adding it will protect the rights of children and promote their wellbeing in their quest to fight the pandemic.

She remarked: “ This initiative targeting to safe children from the impact of Coronavirus is not only an agenda for action but a smart investment”, she went on to say that without urgent action, the pandemic will become a crisis, causing disruption to society, with heavy impact on children’s safety, well-being, and on their overall future.

Musa Bah, Deputy Mayor KMC while commenting GAMCOTRAP for their effort in catering for all children in the Gambia, said the pandemic has hit all over and has left no stone unturned.

He said children are ‘our seeds that we need to nurture to become future elders of tomorrow’, adding this will support their initiative towards the Mayor’s launching of 50,000 face masks for the community of KMC, as it will go a long way in complementing their efforts.

Naiah Ayeni, Youth Ambassador GAMCOTRAP demonstrated how to use a mask and how to handle it after usage.

Ousman Touray, a GAMCOTRAP Board Member also spoke.