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Gambia Music Legendary laid to Rest


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The late Gambian Music legendary Sename Taylor fondly called ‘Kunon Diedhioute’ was finally laid to rest on Friday 27 July 2018 at the Christian Cemetery in Jeshwang.

The Legendary who was the best Organist in the country according to living witnesses during his time died at the Age of 70 on Saturday 21st July 2018, on his way from Church.

Sename Taylor

Taylor was part of the Eagles Band and later called the Ifangbondi with most of the past prominent Gambian Musicians such as Pap Touray, Ossou Njie Senor, Charlie Valentine, and Badu Jobe among others.

Speaking to Foroyaa, Cornilious Gomez former Director of Arts at the National Center for Arts and culture said Sename was a brother and a close friend.

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He said Sename was born in 1947 in Banjul Leman Street, and he attended Saint Augustine’s School when it was Roman School.

Mr. Gomez said Kunon Diedhioute grew up to become a very fine sportsman in the area of cricket and one of the finest bowlers in the Gambia 11.

He said Sename “At the same time worked at the Customs, which is now called the Gambia Revenue Authority”.

Mr. Gomez said he was a very fine guy since his olden days who love to play the guitar and the Piano.

“The Eagles Bands, all the people in the band were compelled to leave their government jobs to concentrate in the development and success of the Band,” Mr Gomez remarked.

The Former Director of Arts said that due to his commitment Taylor was also prompted to leave his job at the Custom Department, and become the Keyboard, guitar player.

He said Taylor was known to be someone who loved his art very much, to the point that he wouldn’t love to take any other Job other than his music career.

He was a guy who was simple and ready to offer his services, and to lecture people on his skills in Gambia School of Talent which was around Senegambia.

Mr. Gomez believes that, Taylor’s demise is a great loss to the country because he has gone with a lot of knowledge and skills.

Mr. Gomez said Sename has played a significant role in the Eagles Band and also the Ifangbondi band.

Gomez noted that these Bands have contributed immensely to the preaching and deliberation of positive messages across the continent as well as the Diaspora. He said more especially advocating for the unit and cohesiveness of the country.

Sam Pierre Sambou a close friend of Sename  and Chairperson of the Visual Arts Association said, his man used to come to visit his home almost on daily or weekly basis.

He also underscored the talents of Sename which he said would have been very useful to the younger generation.

Mr. Sambou believes that due to the lack recognition and support towards artists that is why legends are not honoured even when they pass away.

He said it is important for the Younger generation to know who these legends are.

Pa Malick Secka said he was inspired by Sename at the time when he was younger, and later became an artist and a guitarist.

He said it is a great loss to The Gambia, and him as someone who inspired him.

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