Creative Minds Production to Premiere Maiden Movie


By Assan Bah

Creative Minds Movie Production of Brusubi in the West Coast Region (WCR) of the Gambia is set to premiere its maiden movie called: ‘The Extraordinary Boy’.

It calls for support from Government, philanthropists and the business enterprieses, to make this a reality.

The crew, which according to the founders, was formed in 2018 at the School level with the aim of sanitizing students and the public about the effects of teenage pregnancy and early marriage through drama, debate and other forms of entertainment. They have not been successful due to financial constraints and as a result, lack movie gadgets like video cameras.

“We at first intended to shoot our first movie entitled: ‘Teenage Pregnancy’ but this was not completed due to the expenditure involved, and it was paused. But we are planning to launch the first one called ‘the Extraordinary Boy’ on the 17th of next month, and everyone is joyfully invited to come in large numbers and support Gambian movies,” Bassie Mballow, a member of the team explained.

“The Extraordinary Boy’, is an epic Gambian village movie set to scintillate and the movie dwells on the enigmatic occurrences in Africa as seen and adored in our cultural values, norms, and traditions.

“This movie is set to jiggle grounds within the African film market. It is acted by young Gambians, whose aims are to set standards and play their part in the economic transformation of the country.”

Ms Awa Barry, the Queen in ‘the Extraordinary Boy’, also called for support from all Gambians as theyare withsound visions for their country.

“We want to shoot many movies in the future in order to educate children on good morals and standards in society because as elders, the young ones need to be educated on good societal ethics. We are Gambians like any other citizen and therefore, we want everyone to support us by coming out in their numbers to learn from the movie,” he said.

Abdoukarim Sarr, an adviser to the group, equally called for support from all sectors and said a good number of young people have embarked or are planning to embark on the irregular journey to Europe, but said this group have plans to shoot movies aimed at educating and sensitising the Gambian people.

“Movie production goes with lot of spending. Therefore for us to achieve our aims, we have to seek assistance from all sectors. In other countries like Senegal, when such things happen everyone will go out and support in either way they can for it to be a success. And if we also have such, we endeavour that it will not be the first or last,” he said.