Short Memorial Tribute To A Learned Silk And Senior Gambian Advocate, Lawyer Bola Carrol


“Memento homo, quod cinis es, et in cinerem reverteris.”

“Remember, O Man, that thou art dust, and to dust shalt return”.

By Reverend Father Master Hugh Latimer

Let us, on the onset, state that Lawyer Bola Carrol was not only an outstanding legal practitioner but was also an outstanding man of great wisdom and appreciable foresight.

As a devoted Bar man, he was highly respected and loved by everyone that came across him, especially by all of his colleagues in the legal profession and indeed by the entire legal fraternity.

Through dedication to practice and hardwork, Lawyer Bola Carrol was, undeniably, one of the Best Senior Advocates, truly one of the finest and brightest Learned Silks of The Gambia and for that matter prominently the ‘crème de la crème’ that the Gambian legal profession had ever had.

As a matter of fact, Bola Carrol, an international bilingual Lawyer and Barrister at Carrol Chambers, became one of our most outstanding defence lawyers and represented clients in a number of high-profile cases, while also acting as a legal commentator on current affairs matters and programmes.

It had always been a refreshing pleasure for us to hear from him on issues that he had felt strongly about, such that we would continue to miss his wisdom and good sense.

Lawyer Bola Carrol had always been a marvellous advocate but more than that he was a fierce campaigner for his beliefs both on a personal and professional level. 

Lawyer Bola Carrol would always be seen and regarded as a beautiful man of deep intellect, humility and humour.

But there is far more to Lawyer Bola Carrol than his time in wig and gown.

Whilst he was one of those most well-read and well-heard Gambian individuals one could encounter, Lawyer Bola Carrol was also a man who was full of fun, compassion and always ever ready to assist anyone – (colleague or not) – in any way that he could and in whatever circumstances.

As such, he would willingly and readily provide an ear to those who needed his wisdom, nay could put a smile on the face of the sullen, could inspire a laugh from those engrossed in sadness, and, above all, could even create a healthy conversation in the solemnest of rooms.

Besides, Lawyer Bola Carrol had always exhibited an extraordinary gift of leadership and character with a bold and innovative vision that greatly inspired all who have had the privilege of coming into close contact with him.

In sum, Lawyer Bola Carrol had been a truly tested and a truly trusted leader with enduring legacies of service at various levels and capacities, whether as a legal adviser in his private chambers or as a teacher in the classrooms or subsequently as a renowned and respected defence advocate.

Undoubtedly, Lawyer Bola Carrol was equally an extraordinary mentor who cared passionately about the welfare and empowerment of not only his subordinates and colleagues but indeed of all and sundry. 

A brilliant minded role model for effective service delivery, which had excited the hopes and aspirations of others, Lawyer Bola Carrol has always remained the consummate gentleman to core whose acute sense of justice and of fair play had been both quite extraordinarily outstanding and second to none. 

Lawyer Bola Carrol certainly had epitomized competence, excellence, selflessness, loyalty, dedication, resilience and sacrifice in service of his fellow human beings.

This quintessential gentleman of the Bar had been a real pacesetter with uncommon capacity to bequeath transformational legacies of service.

In sum, Lawyer Bola Carrol had therefore undoubtedly been one of our greatest national legal luminaries with the greatest passion for his legal practice and the rule of law.

Indubitably, Lawyer Bola Carrol would remain and would always be one of the Gambia’s best.

RIP (Requiescat In Pace) !!!

RIP (Rest In Peace) !!!!

RIP (Rest In Power) !!!

Hassan Gibril