Egyptian Exhibition Opens in the Gambia


By Amie Sanneh The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) on Wednesday 3 September opened an Exhibition to showcase Egyptian products in the country. The exhibition which is expected to end on the 13 of this month is being held at the Paradise Suites Hotel. Officially opening the exhibition on behalf of the Tourism Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bala Garba Jahumpa, said they are proud to be part of the exhibition “made in Egypt, held in the Gambia.” He noted that this is what Africa needs in the African continent to exchange experiences and trade commodities. This exhibition being held in the country according to him, has advantages for both countries for it would attract Egyptian investors to invest in the Gambia, and once they have them investing in the Gambia, tourists from Egypt would also be visiting the country. He also said it would also give GCCI and the private sector in the country the opportunity to network with the Egyptian participants in the exhibition. In his welcoming remarks, the Chief Executive Officer, Alieu Secka, described the exhibition as a new entrance into the Gambian trade and business expo. He said the participants brought in varieties of products from Egypt and the Middle East. Mr. Secka expressed hope that people will come over and patronise them. He explained that their mandate is building partnerships and welcoming the Egyptian expo in the country is a move in that direction. “We do not only want to do business internally which certainly is a core function but also we want to explore opportunities as well as increase possibilities to do business outside,” he stated. The sponsor of the event Africell, represented by Papa Leigh described the exhibition as a good thing that the Egyptians have something different to showcase in the country. He said it is also an opportunity for Gambians to try and partner with them. The Head of the Egyptian delegation said The Gambia and Egypt have enjoyed warm relationship over the years which should be further strengthened. He said the purpose of the exhibition is not only meant to showcase Egyptian products, but was quick to add that the products are also of high quality and affordable prices. He said they want to take the opportunity for Gambians to be able to do business with their counterparts in Egypt. The ceremony was chaired by Beatrice A. Prom, Manager, Corporate Services GCCI. She said the local companies participating are Gamcel, The Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA), Kairaba Shopping Centre and the Gambia Tourism Board.    ]]>