BAC PRO Assures Public of Quality Road


By KebbaJeffang Mr. Modou Jonga, the spokesperson of the Brikama Area Council assured a quality access road linking the Brikama garage to the main road come next year. He made this disclosure during an interview yesterday, Thursday, 4th September, 2014 at his office. Mr. Jonga said the access road remains a priority among council’s projects as well as those of GAMWORK. He said the good news is that they were recently informed about identification of qualified contractors. He said the council has been looking for a permanent solution to this problem. He added that they were supposed to contribute 5% to GAMWORKS as a counterpart contribution to implement seven projects in different places that the council has identified to work on including the access road in Brikama linking the garage to the main road in the area. “We have just taken a temporal measure prior to this summer to make the road motorable before the intervention of the project. We have fully paid our counterpart contribution to GAMWORKS for the implementation of these seven projects since November 2012,” said the BAC PRO. Jonga denied the claim that his council has received money from GAMWORKS. He clarified that they have instead paid their 5% counterpart contribution for the implementation of the seven projects within the West Coast Region. “I can confidently tell you that we can assure the public that there will be a permanent road solution after this year’s rainy season because the access road is a top priority for the council. Besides, identification of the qualified contractors is another improvement,” said PRO Jonga. He was quick to say that the permanent solution to the problem will be done by GAMWORKS.]]>