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“Jongaama!” Part 10


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By Amie Sillah The Outburst Sha protested vigorously. “Unacceptable! Richie is mine and mine alone!” She rushed out of the house and left her friends stranded. Rose wanted to leave for her room but Richie asked her to stay. The Narrative “We befriended each other when I was a student at the university, my mom died of heart break when my step dad sold my father’s properties and ran away to his country. I was left with nothing then Rose came into my life when she came from England with her parents who brought her home with her sister Aminata to learn our ways before returning back home to England where they were born. As for Sha I did not hate her but cannot love her and what I do tell her is that she loves the wrong person at the wrong time, she is beautiful and sophisticated please as her friends I brought you here to witness everything and to impress upon her to let go that I cannot befriend her.” The friends emphathised with the duo and promised to advise Sha to let go and leave them in peace. “You deserve each other no person should put asunder what God has put together.” The two friends posited. Sha She is broken to pieces. The friends were flabbergasted. “This is unbelievable! Remember it was just a game, get out of it and put yourself together, you are better than this, the mover of the world; men at your beck and call, what is there in this Richie that you cannot let go?” “I wish I could but I cannot, Richie is my love, my life, she has to let him go and leave him for me.” She reasoned but the friends disagreed. “When you left we get the whole narrative, how she feeds, clothe, house and finally found him a job when he was nothing and has nothing added to his name, you are the one who should let him go and leave the couple alone, don’t put asunder what the Lord has put together, remember the old law of Khmer, Sha! Let Richie go he belongs to Rose and not to you.”The duo advised. “Richie has said it loud and clear that he is not ready to leave his fiancée for you, can’t you understand.” Amsa posited. “Leave me alone I want to think.” She requested. The friends continue to advice. She became rude to them. “Get out of my house and now!” She pushed them out of her room and shut the door after them. She turned into tantrums as she threw things around. The friends sighed and left for their rooms. To Richie’s House Shawent to Richie’s house and harassed himas she tried toseduce him Richie pushed her away and she fell upon the floor and overemphasized her pain, he felt obliged to help her get up but she dragged him to the floor and started kissing him, he struggled and freed himself, rushed into his bedroom and locked it.” Rose’s House Knock! Knock! “Who is it? Matam (Aminata) go and open the door.” Who Came In? Shasha marched into the room with a stern face. “What a surprise visit; where is Richie?” Rose asked. “He is at home.” Sha replied. “I hope everything is alright?” Rose asked. “I actually come to see you.” Sha posited. “You are welcome, sit down, what do you like to drink?” “Coke!” “Aminata! Go to the fridge and take out a coke for our guest.” “The soft drinks are finished.” “Okay! Go to Mama Kuje and ask her to give me a coke and she can subtract it from the money I’ve left with her.” “Okay!” “Hurry up!” Intimidation    Smiling Rose asked her about Richie. She blasted at her and called her names, insults as she stood over her. “I don’t understand! Are we quarreling? What have I done to you?” Rose asked quite surprised at Sha’s hostility. She blasted her all the more. “I still don’t understand why you are saying all these hurtful words to me?” “Richie pities you that’s why he is attached, let him go, he cannot have proper sex with you, you cannot bear him children, and you are paralyzed waist downwards. Don’t be selfish you can never walk again.” She said with callousness. “It’s a lie! Doc says I’ll walk again with routine exercises and taking my drugs, past cases got cured in this way.” Rose argued. “It’s a lie, doc is deceiving you, and you can never walk again! You can never walk again!” She shouted at her ears. “It’s a lie I’ll walk again!” Rose fought back. “With physiotherapy I’ll walk again.” She emphasized “Wake up from your slumber; your dreams are shattered!” She yelled at her as Rose wept bitterly. “Is Richie aware of your visit to me?” Rose asked. “Yes, he is aware, you are handicapped and disabled!” Aminata She came into a tense situation and heard the onslaught at her sister. “What is it? What is the problem?” She enquired. Sha protested and sulkily left the room. Rose cried bitterly as Aminata questioned her. “She said I can never walk again.” “She is lying, is she God or a doctor? With physiotherapy and your drugs you can walk again, she did not wish you well that’s why she is trying to discourage you, she wants Richie at all cost, she is evil, don’t mind her; Richie will hear about this.” “No Matam leave me to handle it, don’t tell Richie anything.” “Okay, if you say so.” With Richie and Aminata Richie paid her a visit and found her at low ebb. “Why is she so sad? Is she taking her drugs and doing exercises?” He asked. “Yes, she is doing that.” Aminata replied. “Can I walk again?” Rose asked Richie. “Can you excuse us?” She asked her sister. “Okay.” Aminata went to the parlour. “I’ll be at the parlour if you need my services.” “Okay.” Alone with Richie Rose again questioned her ability to walk again. “Why do you still sound like that? Of course you’ll walk again, don’t you believe in medical science?” “You are just tryingto convince me, I don’t believe you.” Courage has fled her body since Sha’s onslaught but she does not want Richie to know Sha visited her. “Do you love me?” Rose asked. “Why do you ask me an obvious question?” Richie protested. “Of course you know I love you very much and would continue to do so as long as I live.” Richie reaffirmed. “I can’t return your undying love for me; I want you to do something for me now and don’t say no. The Bombshell “Marry someone else who loves you dearly and can return your sincere loveto give me a peace of mind, Sha will take good care of you and will be a good wife, please marry her and I will be happy for both of you.” “Why Sha? She is just a neighbour and I have nothing intimate with her.” “Try to love Sha she loves you and this is my last conversation with you on this topic.” Rose shut him up. To be Cont]]>

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