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Avoid Backway Show To Be Played Today


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By Madi S. Njie

A One Man Play Show encouraging Africans to stay back home and develop the continent produced by the UK based V Jay Theatre Productions will be showcased today, Friday, 29th November 2019, at the Ebunja.

The ‘instant success’ play written and acted by Victor Richard deals with issues about how our former men suffered in their struggle to go to Europe, the sufferings youth encounter through the back way to Europe, and try to encourage youth to stay back home and develop the continent.

Mr Richards said The Gambia is the first place in Africa where the play will be showcased, adding that he chose The Gambia because of the love and friendliness of the people.
Angela Rose of Aga Global Ambassadors in the UK-Gambia for her part said when she wanted to come to Africa, The Gambia was recommended to her as the best country to visit. She added that she has since been coming to The Gambia since 2003 on Holiday, to reconnect Gambians and their UK counterparts, and try to help each other.

She said there were negative images portrayed in the UK about Africa. But she brought about 30 people from UK since she started coming, and they engaged in dialogue on what to do. She said they supported education and health, as part of being part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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She said Victor contacted her about a play he wants to do and she is happy to be part of the Friday event.

Victor Richards, a Poet, Actor and story teller for his part said he was born in the UK, and as a child he heard stories of the Caribbean.

“I knew we were transported from Africa to Europe. I went to a Drama College and wanted to do a one man play and I was supported,” he said.

He said that through his play, he was sponsored to play in Japan. He said the play was for Day Care Centres and Schools.

He explained that the story of the play is about the journey of our parents coming to the UK, the challenges they faced, the hardship, racism, difficulties in housing they encountered; the way they cook, and how they were entertaining themselves.

He said the play was published in a book in 2007 and produced in a CD. He added that he is working on producing the play in a movie. He called on the media to support him, to get the educational project to go to schools.

He said he taught people about Drama and has helped mental health people, among others. He said the play is a family show.

He said the reason why he chose to bring the play to The Gambia is because of his love for the country, and considering the hardships that parents and the youth go through in struggling to go to Europe in search for greener pastures; adding that nothing has changed since then. He expressed shock on how youth are drowning in sea trying to travel to Europe, and advised the youth not to come to Europe without being prepared, because life in Europe is much more harder.

“Life in UK is harder than we think. Get your sponsors, develop your home,” he said.
He said that is why his message in the play encourages the youth to stay at home and help each other.
He said he is collaborating with Angela Greyham Associates (Aga) Ambassadors UK-Gambia because they have been coming to The Gambia over 15 years.

He said he has visited schools with Mrs Rose and sponsored 2 kids, purchased Land and is sponsoring a brother to go to the University.

Questioned on the challenges they are confronted with, he said finance, communication and time management have been major challenges he has been encountering in coming to The Gambia, and hopes that with time these can be overcomed.

He, among others, said that he was a Fashion promoter, an event organiser, which eventually led him to establish V Jay Production in 1990.

He said all it takes to be successful is how to market oneself, and he was advised that if you are doing anything, add educational package in it, which he did in the play. “You make more money in Education,” he said.

Staff and Film actors of Laisisis Production based in Brusubi attended the press briefing and gave the vote of thanks.

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