US Government to Support Gambia’s Electricity Generation, Delivery


The United States (US) Government through its Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is set to support the Gambia towards improving her electricity generation and delivery.

In a press release from the US Embassy, Matthew Langhenry from the United States Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), visited Banjul between Monday, May 24th to Saturday June 5th to conduct consultations with the Gambia Government, the private-sector, international partners and civil society organisations, as part of MCC’s re-launch of the development of a threshold program with the country.  

“Mr. Langhenry’s visit was a precursor to MCC’s Board of Director’s approval of the proposed program in support of The Gambia’s efforts to improve generation and delivery of electricity as a key component of economic growth,” the release stated; that on Thursday June 3rd 2021, Mr. Langhenry and U.S. Ambassador Carl Paschall were warmly welcomed by Vice President Isatou Touray on behalf of President Adama Barrow. ‘‘The Vice President’’, the release went on, ‘‘expressed the Gambian Government’s strong support for the partnership with MCC, and its intent to expedite completion of the agreement and launch of the threshold program.’’

“The MCC’s efforts will focus on improving reliable access to electricity, the lack thereof is a binding constraint to Gambia Government’s objectives to spur economic growth and reduce poverty. Greater reliability of electricity supply will lower economic costs in the form of lost productivity, equipment damage, spoilage of foodstuff and the cost for procurement and operation of backup generators by both the public and private sectors. The project aims to support NAWEC’s objectives to improve fiscal and operational management, including structural and Government policy reforms, ensure that the sector will be better positioned to address both near-term challenges and plans for future investments such as connections to regional power producers and renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydropower.

“The United States Government and the Government of The Gambia aim to finalize the program agreement and begin activities later in 2021.  Mr. Langhenry who is presently completing a four and a half year MCC assignment in Sierra Leone, is slated to assume the duties of full-time Resident MCC Threshold Director at the U.S. Embassy in Banjul, in the coming months,” the release concludes.