Friday, December 1, 2023

The presence of ECOWAS troops in The Gambia


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The presence of ECOWAS troops in The Gambia requires proper coordination if conflict is to be averted.
Since day one the Coalition leadership has informed the Gambian people that their objective is to build one Gambia, One nation and One people. Hence, the ECOWAS forces should also be the ambassadors of a united sub-region aiming to safeguard the collective sovereignty, interest and aspirations of the people in the sub-region.
The Gambian people are watching very closely to see how the soldiers from different countries could demonstrate their maturity and commitment to an integrated sub-region and continent.
Whilst in The Gambia, they must give full respect to the men and women in uniform they find on the ground; prove that they are here to give solidarity so that the Gambian people will gain assurance that they are part and parcel of the people of the sub-region and that soldiers of the sub-region are determined to defend their democratic rights to participate in elections and elect a president based on the power of consent.

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