Ex-President Jammeh has made an exit. Good governance provides the basis for a leader to occupy executive power for a short while and then go back to civilian life. This is what is expected in a sovereign republic. Term limits are set and executive power is entrusted based on the consent of the people.

The United Nations, the African Union and Ecowas have taken tremendous initiatives to find a peaceful way out of the impasse which emerged after the 1 December polls in The Gambia. 

Now, President Barrow must come to take charge of the situation. He must give instructions for government properties to be protected by the security forces. Conflict must be avoided among the security forces as ECOWAS forces join the ranks of the security forces of the country. They should harmonise their operations and none should be marginalized.

The mandate of ECOWAS forces should be clear to the security chiefs and limited in time and nature.

Foroyaa will now focus on the gains and challenges of the new government as it takes shape.