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Saayii Tolof – Part 168 EPISODE 13 (Difficult Marriages – Sins of Our Parents)


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The Second Suitor
Taanor Kodu paternal cousin a graduate teacher was the second suitor who sent his envoys but Njombat rejected them all, now her dad is not on speaking terms with her but she cared less and went about her business her pattern go to work very early and return very late to avoid her dad and this went for months as they live apart.  Gossip within family, close friends and general public is that her spirit rejects suitors. Some aunts suggested to her to undergo a ‘spiritual bath’ to cleanse herself but she also rejected the offer because as our people say ‘Kebba dibitilola nging moo majay ayafang jay’. She knows her problem and was not ready to make it public.
“Let them go to hell! They should leave me alone, ‘kongosa!’ she brushed it off.

The Second Marriage
Alhajj decided to remarry again his argument,
“I am a Muslim man who has the right to marry up to four wives if I am able to and I am able it is not my style but since my late wife’s death about 5 years now  it is time to take a new wife.”
He married Sagaar Mbahana a lady in her early twenties Njombat age mate who has freshly graduated from Skills school and also an only child from a ‘yaradal’ mother and thus a spoilt child.
Sagaar is from a struggling family her father a retired school teacher and mom a petty trader at the market. Sagaar’ marriage a feather in their cap and they are overwhelmed as Alhajj threw money at them.
The ceremony was a ‘taaka jay bale’ elaborate, expensive and quick business, money talks and Sagaar became the envy of her peers.
Njombat recluse herself as she travelled to visit a friend out of town as not to be part of anything and her absence was conspicuous as the only daughter of the family.
Gossip has it again;
“She is depressed still her mom’s death a mystery and to add insult to injury her dad went and married her age mate, if I were in her shoes I would have done the same.” Anta a friend posited but Kura a griot praise singer disagreed;
“So her dad should stay bachelor for the rest of his life especially when she is an only child? You young people are sometimes unreasonable, the family is blessed with money it needs children especially male ones to carry on business when Alhajj is no more; I for one supported the move and think it is a bit late but it is better late than never and I am praying for Allah to bless them with many issues male and female Sagaar is young and Allah willing she will do it.”
Anta and Begay refused to comment but moved away from the praise singer.
“What do you expect from such a person? She praises to be patronized we cannot take issue with such a nonentity.” They consoled themselves.

Marriage Life
Njoms refused to accept her step mom who took notice since the wedding ceremony when she conspicuously absented herself to public notice. Each of them started to assert herself.

She came and found her putting on nail polish at the family sitting room;
“This is all what you can do all day! Don’t you do anything better? You are rude don’t you greet elders?” She hissed.
Njoms talked back in harsher words;
“Look who is talking here? Coal calling kettle black? Who first the other here? Who should have greeted first? But do I blame you, a desperado twenty year old girl marrying grand- father Abraham just to come out of poverty? As for me I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I grew up in wealth that is why I am not bothered with anything, you are a gold digger who don’t love dad but it is his business I’ll leave him to live in a fool’ paradise but get off my back or else!”
“Or else what? It is going to be the other way round, I’ve already got your dad in the palm of my hand he will be manipulated to do whatever I like, I am pregnant with twin boys as my scan have shown and if he gets this information especially when your late mom cannot give him many issues and gave him a lone silly girl for that matter his head will whirl and imagine what that will mean to him? I am ready for your naughtiness and I’ll insist to daddy to ensure that you get married and go to your husband’s house and leave us to enjoy our blissful marriage.”
Njombat insulted her and left for her room;
“We shall see who laugh last and the loudest!” Sagaar swore.

A Third Suitor
Bai Sorgi a business executive was the third suitor and he deals with Alhajj who has high regard for him as a gentle man. He was thrilled when he asked Njombat’ hand in marriage.

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Father and Daughter
Alhajj called his daughter and gave her an ultimatum in front of Sagaar and she protested;
“Why should you address me in front of this gold digger of a wife? It is unacceptable call me in your studies and I’ll answer you.” She stood up ready to leave but Alhajj shouted at her;
“If you walked out on me I’ll disown and reject you out of my home, do you get that? Who are you to determine what I do in my house? Sagaar here is a lawfully wedded wife with every right as your late mother, see her as your mother even if she is the same age as you, she is part of me and has to stay as my witness whether you like it or not I don’t care and another thing you have to be respectful to her and have to address her as such, anymore nonsense you are gone.”
“Is that a threat?”
“No! It is a promise. I’ll not harbour you here disrespecting me and my spouse. Another thing Sorgi’ proposal he is a young CEO fulfilled and eligible he left all households in this city and came to mine and I am obliged, as a third suitor you have no reason to reject him and am waiting for your immediate response.”
“Give me time to reflect you know him but I don’t.”
“How much time are you asking for?” Sagaar asked but she ignored her.
“How much time are you asking?”
“A month at least we have to court before marriage am I the one going to get married or not?”
Alhajj reflected then said,
“Okay, one month nothing more nothing less!”
But Sagaar is not happy;
“You spoil this naughty daughter of yours but we shall see no hanky panky after the one month!” Njombat hissed at her as she leaves for her room.

To be Cont.

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