Saaye Tolof- Tolof Part 8 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Ndungs She confided in Minah her best friend. “What am I going to do? Haatab is stalking me.” Minah She is smart and empowered and has great influence on Ndungs who looks to her for everything. “Let’s confront him and cut him to size,” she advised. At Haatab’s Den They found him in the midst of his subordinates (ndigs). Minah    She went straight to confront him within his surrogates who stared at her ready to pounce as soon as the master gives his orders but he calmly listened to her. “Stop stalking my friend! What has she done to you? She is a sovereign person who has the right to live her life without any interference from anyone especially you who does not know his right from wrong, please organise your useless life and try to do something useful for once; stop your nonsense or you’ll be taken to court for sexual harassment.” Maale He rushed to attack her but Haatab stopped him. Haatab “You hurry past make haste, don’t act until you are instructed.” Minah eye picked him and hissed as Haatab continued. He sarcastically clapped for Minah. “I can see that you are her advocate; but that is none of your business, my love for Ndungs is from the heavens and no one can do anything about it not even our two fathers, she is mine,” he adamantly argued. Ndungs felt insulted and she slapped him as Maale rushed to slap her but Haatab held his hand and scolded him. “Never lay your filthy hand on my woman, I love her and she can do anything to me, do you understand?” Maale seethed with anger and left. Haatab called him back but he refused to come back as the others were dismayed shaking their heads at the assault. Ndungs and Minah heaped more angry invectives and left. The other ndigs protested. “This is undone Master! How can you allow such brats to insult your integrity? And you also embarrassed Maale in front of them.” Haatab “Love they say is blind, I believe it; I am hopelessly obsessed with this girl and Insha Allah I’ll sleep with her and make her my wife by force.” The Boys “Where can we come in to help?” He coyly winked at them. Haatab “I’ll discuss it with my general Maale and whenever you can chip in you’ll be informed.” He summoned Maale and apologized to him. “Love makes me silly but you have to forgive me,” He whispered into his ear which makes Maale jerk. Maale “Have you the heart to do it?” Haatab “I’ll do it for love.” Maale “I am mean, your wish is my command.” The Evil Plan The two friends waited for Ndungs and their intension was to abduct and for Haatab to rape her, make her pregnant, then later marry her. Cissy She investigated and located her daughter’s school and decided to mask her identity and befriend her. The Two Girls As they walked home they met a lady who stopped to speak to them. Cissy She greeted them nicely and asked about them but the girls hesitated. “I am just interested in your welfare as a mother but it is okay.” The girls smiled and walked away as she stood for a while watching her daughter walk away. The Next Day Haatab and Maale They stood at the corner of a usual pathway normally taken by the girls going to school and waited for them at the usual hour. Cissy  She intercepted them which annoyed the girls. “I am very sorry but be very careful with men/boys, at your age they will heap you with praises just to get at you and destroy you, concentrate on your studies and excel, you’ll wonder why I am telling you all this? I am a teacher and very concerned about teenage pregnancy. I am very sorry for wasting your time.” The Girls “We were annoyed but all the same thank you for the wise words.” They walked away. The Boys They waited for long and started to go when the girls appeared. They hissed. “Why are they together? They have spoiled our game.” They hissed. Haatab He approached them and spoke directly to Ndungs as Maale stood aside. “I am out for you, I am taking you home.” Ndungs and Minah fought with him as Cissy appeared again. Cissy “Leave her alone! Where do you want to take her? Let me call the police.” Haatab    “Idle woman! Can you mind your business please?” He and Maale walked away. Cissy “Please go your way and never try to fight the vagabond, you can be hurt.” The girls thanked her and walked away surprised that this woman always appear as their protector. The Girls They are very surprised with this strange woman who appears to them and becomes their guiding angel. A Strange Happening Haatab and Maale decided to execute their plan two days later but as they stood to wait for the girls strange things began to happen to Haatab. He started to become very excited then started to run at the spot which surprised Maale. Maale “Boss! Are you okay?” Haatab “Yes! I am okay.” But he continued to pull off his socks, shoes, singlet, shirt; he kept his shorts and then ran away as Maale ran after him. Maale He shouted his name and ran after him. “This is not Boss, this is very strange.” Ndungs She came to school without Minah who went for some errands for Aunty Nancy.” Minah She heard the news but could not believe it, she sent some feelers to Haatab’s home and found his mother crying bitterly accusing her fellow co-wives of casting a spell upon her first son because of jealousy. Hadja Binta “He is the heir to the business empire as the first male child, how can my ‘taaw’ become mad, that is impossible? But I’ll find the evil doer/doers Allah is awake!” Haatab He was followed to the market, caught and taken to ‘Tanka-Tanka’. Minah She came to school and called her friend aside. “Wonders shall never end! Haatab has gone mad!” Ndungs  “Which Haatab are you talking about?” Minah “Abdou Haatab Yaffa, the boy that was stalking you.” Ndungs “Say it is not true. He is naughty but I do not wish him evil.” Minah “Naïve fool! Haatab was planning evil against you and Allah has punished him.” To be Cont.]]>