Revenue Collectors in WCR Receive Motorbikes From BAC


By: Aja Musu Bah-Daffeh

Revenue collectors in the West Coast Region (WCR) on Thursday 23 December, 2021 received 10 motorbikes from the management of the Brikama Area Council (BAC) in order to ease their movement in collecting revenues from taxpayers.

The motorbikes, worth D485,000, were purchased from the revenue collected from taxpayers.

Speaking at the presentation, BAC Chairman Sherifo Sonko, said the objective of providing the motorbikes to their revenue collectors was to ease their movement and help the council increase its revenue generation.

“There is a need to provide the revenue collectors with these motorbikes in order to enable effective work and easy access to the taxpayers. Without the taxpayers, the council cannot make any meaningful development to the community as it stands to help its people,” Sonko asserted at a ceremony held at BAC’s ground.

Mr. Sonko urged the beneficiaries to handle the motorbikes with great care and equally use them for the intended purpose and not for their personal usage.

The Director of Lands at the Ministry of Lands, Malamin Jatta, advised BAC’s management to continue encouraging their revenue collectors in order to boost the revenue performance of the council.

Lamin Sanneh, the Governor of WCR, described the presentation as a milestone event in the BAC which signified the importance of the council in terms of revenue collection and generation.

He said the objective is to maximise revenue for the council which “cannot be achieved in the absence of resources to facilitate the ease movement of the revenue collectors.”

Mr. Sanneh equally challenged the beneficiaries to use the motorbikes for its rightful purpose.

However, he urged the Chairman and CEO of BAC to ensure the beneficiaries have a permanent mechanic based at the council.  

“If not, the motorbikes will not last long,” he added.