BY NELSON  MANNEH                                                                                                                The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) has presented its Financial and Activities Report 2013 to law makers on 1 April 2015 at the National Assembly in Banjul. Presenting the report before the members of the National Assembly Public Accounts and Public Entreprises Committee (PAC/PEC), Lt. Col. Alagie Sanneh, the Executive Director, NDMA, said the document presents information on disaster risk management and humanitarian response activities coordinated by the agency, in partnership with various institutions, at both the national and international levels. Lt. Col. Sanneh said 2015 marks the end of the ten-year HFA Campaign on IDR, and expressed hope that it offers a solid foundation that paves the way for success in their upcoming activities to be discussed and adopted by UN member states. ‘It would be added that the president has directed the establishment of a taskforce towards the monitoring of the process, and puts in place realistic and achievable targets on post-2015 HFA,” said the NDMA Executive Director. He reported that some of the programs implemented by NDMA included the responsibility to coordinate issues, resource mobilization, monitoring and evaluation as well as relief distribution. Lt Col Sanneh said they are firmly on course with program identification, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and relief distribution.                                                                                                           Presenting the Audit Report on NDMA for the said period, Mr. Pa Majagne Ndow from the Auditor General’s Office reported some of the findings made during the process of auditing. He told the Committee that one of their findings is that the Agency did not have its own accounting manual. ‘An accounting manual is important in ensuring that the activities of the accounting unit follow a consistent procedure. In its response, the NDMA management told the Committee that since this was recommended in the previous Audit Report of 2012, they have developed an Administration and Financial Manual as draft which was submitted to the Office of the President for authorisation.  ]]>