GRA Official Hints No Nation Can Attain Development without Investing In Human Capital


By Kebab AF Touray

The Deputy Commissioner of Customs, Technical Support and Monitoring, at the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), Alagie K Mbaye, has said hinted that no nation can develop without investment in human capital, while describing education as one of the fundamental factors of development.

“No nation can achieve sustainable economic development without a critical investment in human capital,” Mr. Mbye said in an interview with reporters shortly after receiving his award on Saturday at the convocation ceremony of the University of The Gambia (UTG).

The event, which was held at Qcity was graced by the Gambian leader, President Adama Barrow and some cabinet ministers as well as family and love ones.

In reaction to his award, Mr. Mbye who was part of the 2019-2021 graduates with Masters in Public Administration (MSC) MPA, said education enriches people’s understanding of themselves and the world.

“It improves the quality of their lives and leads to broad social benefits for individuals and society. In addition, education plays a vital role in securing economic and social progress and improving income distribution,” he said.

The GRA officer said The Gambia, like many developing countries, has a deficit gap in education and thus, the need to invest in the sector he said is critical. He said the establishment of the UTG is one of the best things that ever happened in The Gambia.

“Today, most of its graduates are contributing immensely towards the socio-economic development of The Gambia and beyond the shores of The Gambia. I am very convinced that The Gambia can be the next Singapore if we priorities in the development of human capital as it is the only sustainable way to achieve national development,” he said.

The masters’ degree holder expressed his delight for actualizing his dream, while taking a trip down memory lane to his high school year in 1988 when he conceived the idea of pursuing a university degree.  

“It was my desire to further my education as my colleagues did. I was constrained financially to further higher education because of my family financial status,” he recalled. “I continued to live with that desire and took the right decision when the opportunity availed itself.”  

Mr. Mbye added: “I would want to take this opportunity to thank the management of GRA for their support.  I cannot conclude without thanking the commissioner General whose encouragement and motivation contributed to my accomplishment.”