Government to Commence Construction Of 100 Million Dollar Five Star Hotel


By Ndey Sowe

As part of preparations for the 2022 OIC Summit, the government of The Gambia is to commence work for the construction of a five-star hotel worth hundred million dollars ($100M).

The Gambia OIC Secretariat on Wednesday, 20th October 2021 conducted a site visit for members of the press to the proposed land for the construction, located in Bijilo at the former Anti- Crime Unit.

Few months ago, the OIC Secretariat organized a signing ceremony for the Concession Agreement between the Government and IMMOLAND Sarl for the construction of an internationally branded five-star hotel. The hotel will have four hundred (400) rooms including Presidential and Royal Suites.

“Providing a luxurious accommodation experience for guests during the global convergence is one of the main priorities of the secretariat and the government,” said Yankuba Dibba, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the OIC Secretariat.

CEO Dibba said such an edifice will reinforce the preeminent position of the country as a “go-to” tourists’ destination as well as a hub for international meetings, incentive travels, conference, and exhibitions.

Nfally Fadera, Head of Brand and Communications OIC Gambia Secretariat, said the secretariat is the organisation set up by The Gambia government to lead the coordination of the preparatory efforts to host the OIC Heads of States Summit in The Gambia.

“Our office was set up and mandated with three tasks and one of them is to mobilize resources to implement development and infrastructure projects, to implement infrastructure and development projects in preparation for the summit, and to manage the event planning and organizing of the summit,” Mr. Fadera disclosed.

Mr. Abdoulaye Thiam, the Chairman and CEO of IMMOLAND Sarl said now they are ready to start work in the next four-three weeks’ time.

“We are going to take this project seriously and that is why we decided to come to the Gambia with all the team and I believe with the help of God, we will achieve all the expectations from the government,” Mr. Thiam assured.

Andrew Merringue, the Design Director expresses delight and describes the project as a “Prestigious” one and added they are part of the team that will work on the project of the five-star hotel in the Gambia.

Andrew remarked: “This is a wonderful project and resort and we are all excited to start and produce a product for the OIC Heads of State Summit in Gambia and a project and a development that is going to really benefit the Gambian people and tourism.”

Tolga Baburoglu, the Deputy Chairman ERSA Construction Background said it is a privilege and honor for them to be given this opportunity.

He added that this is not their first time in the Gambia. He said the project is an exciting one for them and assured that they will give their best quality and time to the project.