Is It Correct That A Person With Dual Citizenship Cannot Stand In A Presidential Election Or Hold Ministerial Post?



According to section 62 subsection (2) of the Constitution,

“A person who holds the citizenship or nationality of a country other than The Gambia, shall not be qualified for election as President.”

Furthermore, with regard to the appointment of Vice President, section 70 subsection (2) of the Constitution states that,

“A person shall be qualified to be appointed as Vice-President if he or she has the qualifications required for the election of the President under Section 62.”

Regarding the appointment of ministers, the Constitution, section 71 subsection (2) of the Constitution stipulates:

“A person shall not be qualified to be appointed, or hold the office of a Secretary of State if, he or she is a member of the National Assembly or if he holds the citizenship or nationality of any country other than The Gambia. ….”