Government Recovers About D121,350 From Illegal Residents Status


By Nelson Manneh

The Spokesperson of the Gambia Immigration Department Superintendent Mamanding Dibba has on Thursday 3rd June 2021 informed this medium that the Gambia government through the Immigration Department has recovered one hundred twenty-one thousand three hundred and fifty dalasis from non-Gambians residing in the country without regulating their permits.

The Spokesperson of the Gambia Immigration Department made this statement in a joint sister forces press conference held at the police headquarters in Banjul.

Superintendent Dibba said the Gambia police force through the zero crime operations handed over eighty-eight people who were arrested during the operations from the 16th of April 2021 to the 23rd May 2021.

“These people were without permit and therefore the police handed them over to our department. We investigated their matter and realized that they have not been paying their residential permits and we were able to recover about one hundred and twenty-one thousand three hundred and fifty dalasis from them,” he said.

 Superintendent Dibba urged all compound owners in The Gambia to report such cases to the Immigration Department as it is a and at the same time causes revenue losses to the country.

Dibba said the zero crime operation team has also handed over eleven minors to them. “Ten of these minors are Senegalese and one Gambian. We have handed them over to the child welfare unit at SOS and we are working with the Senegalese authority in The Gambia to facilitate their deportation.”

He said as for the Gambian who is among the eleven minors, they are searching for his family in order to make him go back to them.