Zero Crime Operation Team Arrested 265 People within 47 Days


By Nelson Manneh

The security joint force that was established by the security departments called zero crime operation has arrested two hundred and sixty-five people in the Gambia within forty-seven days.

The zero crime operation a combination of all sister forces in the Gambia. Their aim is to put an end to the crime rates in the whole country.

The spokesperson of the Gambia Police Force Superintendent Lamin Njai said forty-nine individuals out of the two hundred and sixty-five people arrested were released by the police because their investigations have indicated that they were not involved in to any crimes.

Njie said twenty-seven of them were handed to the Drug Law Enforcement Department as their cases were related to the issues of drugs. Eighty-eight of them were also handed to the Immigration Department as their stay in the country is irregular.

The spokesperson of the Gambia Police Force said thirteen of those arrested by the zero crime operations team are currently facing their trials in court. “We have arraigned and charged them in court and their cases are ongoing. The charges include going armed to the public.”

Superintendent Njai said the rest are released on bail and the police is investigating their issues. He said if they are found wanting they will be arrested and arraigned in court.

“The public should know that buying or keeping stolen materials is against the law and is a chargeable offence.” He, therefore, called on the public to stop buying stolen materials.

PRO Njie said the zero crime operation team also faces challenges when they are on their operation. Among them is obstruction of the police when executing an arrest.  “We have also noticed that the public does obstruct the police whenever they are on their operations. We want the public to know that it is also a chargeable offence.”

Superintendent Njai told the press that the crime rate in Banjul is less when compared to other areas.