Global Youth Parliament Awards Minister of Health


By Ndey Sowe & Makutu Manneh

As part of efforts to fight corruption, the Global Youth Parliament (GYP) on Wednesday, 15th July 2020 awarded the Minister of Health in recognition of his boldness in exposing corrupt practices in his ministry.

It could be recalled that Dr Ahmadou Lamin Samateh, exposed a conspiracy by personnel of his Ministry who wished to mismanage funds meant to fight against COVID-19. Samateh mentioned this before the National Assembly as he reminded them of their duties and obligations.

After receiving the honour, Dr Samateh said, “We are humbled by the presentation of the award and it is a big boost to me and the entire health personnel in the Gambia.”

He said the award will make them work harder to deliver the best health care system for Gambians. He dedicated the award to all health care workers.

Baba Cessay, the Country Coordinator of Global Youth Parliament said their organization has realized that The Gambia is doing well in the fight against COVID-19.

He said this is what prompted their Organization to give their Gold award to Minister Samateh representing all health workers in the country. Ceesay said this honour is only awarded to outstanding workers.

Mr Cessey said Gambians should recognize health workers, especially in this pandemic.

“I am very proud of every Gambian health worker as I have seen the efforts they have taken in the fight against the virus and working for Gambians,” he said.

Omar Faye, the organization’s spokesperson said: “We recognized the efforts healthcare frontline workers are making in quarantine facilities; border post and making sure people are checked and tested for COVID-19 to curb further spread of the virus in the country.”

Mr Faye said the Coronavirus pandemic has taught everyone great lessons on the importance of health and healthcare delivery.

He maintained that the virus has also taught them the importance of planning for future outbreaks. He continued by urging the Gambia Government to invest more on the healthcare system.

Pa Modou Cham, the Secretary-General of the association remarked: “we continue to recognize the significant role and sacrifice our health care frontline workers continue to play since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus”.

The Global Youth Parliament is a youth network that is operating in more than sixty countries around the world with its headquarters in Nepal, and aims to bring together young people from diverse backgrounds through enhanced participation, entrepreneurship, good governance, transparency and accountability.