GANU Leader Accuses Police of “Abusing Their Authority”


By Mustapha Jallow

Sheikh Tijan Hydara, the opposition leader for the Gambia Alliance for National Unity (GANU), on Monday said Police were ‘abusing their authority’ by arresting personnel of ‘No Alliance Movement’.

He made this reismark at the Banjulinding Police Station after meeting with senior police officers on the issue pertaining to the detention of supporters of former President Yahya Jammeh. 

“What I will emphasize is that the Police abused their authority. The police went to this man’s house (Jerrending) and then they said they arrested him for security reasons – for whatever security reasons we don’t know because he organised a press conference in his own compound and there is nothing that says he has to get a permit before organising a press conference. So, why did they (Police) go there? Is like this is a preplanned…. So why? What’s the rationale behind it? Why would they arrest somebody who is organising a press conference?” he said.

“They cannot refuse these people from using APRC. These are APRC militants and 90 or 95 percent of them refused to go to President Adama Barrow. They are now part of GANU because they said they were waiting for a directive from H.E President Yahya Jammeh (former President Jammeh) and he had given his directives and they all came to APRC. Should I force them to use GANU? No. Can anyone stop them from wearing APRC t-shirts? These are APRC people.” 

He further said: “We should not fight over this. I think this is Gambia, we love Gambia, we don’t want to see bloodshed in Gambia. We want to see a peaceful election and I urge everyone whether you are APRC or GANU supporter – you should be very careful. If you are provoked, you should not also take the law into your own hands. 

The GANU leader advised his allies and/or supporters to allow the police to do their job, saying he had confidence.

“I don’t think they will go to the level that will force the people to take the law into their own hands,” he said.