45-Year-Old Gambian Seeks Urgent Medical Assistance


By Nelson Manneh

Foday Nyabally, a 45 year old Gambian, is seeking urgent medical assistance for overseas treatment.

According to Nyabally’s medical report, the 45-year man suffered an open comminuted fracture of his left tibia in May 2019 following an RTA. He has had a turbulent 2 years with operations and infections.

He initially had an external fixator which was changed to intramedullary nailing, with the removal of dead segments of bone and cement spacer in July 2019 with a muscle flap and skin grafting.

There was then an unfortunate gap and his next surgery was in November 2019, when the cement spacer cement was removed along with more dead bone and bone stimulant inserted.

Unfortunately, his bone defect is too large and he has an ongoing infection and so current options are limited.

He was offered a below-knee amputation which understandably he declined. He therefore needs a complex reconstruction now, possibly with a free fibular graft.

It is not currently possible to carry this out in The Gambia; therefore his only option is to go overseas for treatment.

In an interview with Foroyaa, Nyabally said he has always had sleepless nights; that every night whilst people are sleeping, he stays awake to endure pain. Nyabally calls on Good Samaritans to come to his aid to enable him to undergo treatment overseas.

Any individual, NGO, or government institution that wants to assist Mr. Nyabally can reach him on the following numbers: 7043366 or 2268322 or you can call Foroyaa on 4380885.