Gambia’s Security Adviser Launches Two Security Strategy Documents


By Isatou Kanyi

The Gambia’s National Security Adviser, Retired Colonel Momodou Badjie, has officially launched the National Security Strategy (NDS) and Security Sector Reform Strategy (SSRS) in collaboration with the Government of the Gambia and SSR Partners.

Held on Tuesday 24th, 2020, at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara Conference Center, the ceremony was chaired by The Gambia Government’s Spokesperson, Mr Ebrima G. Sankareh.

Sankareh presented a certificate of appreciation to persons and institutions for their immense and invaluable contributions towards the realization of the NSS and SSR.

Retired Colonel Badjie speaking at the ceremony also expressed his appreciation to the invaluable support provided by the Government and SSR partners.

“I encourage all of you to leave this launching ceremony with an understanding of the importance of our individual, personal and institutional contributions to make the Gambia peaceful, safe, stable and wonderful country”, he remarked.

Badjie further said the Security Sector Reform focuses on human security center approach with the aim of restructuring the sector to achieve an effective, robust, professional, apolitical, accountable, transparent and responsive sector.

He highlighted the importance of the strategy, which he said will also enhance the prevention, protection and response capabilities to security threats in an increasingly complex environment.

Badjie indicated that President Adama Barrow, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, took the first step in launching the Security Sector Reform process in 2017 and subsequently the National Security Policy in May 2019.

He said these initiatives are with a view to ensure he laid a solid foundation for his national development ambitions, programmes and projects.

Dawda Jallow, the Minister of Justice in his capacity as Chairperson of the Security Sector Reform Committee, said the launching of the two documents is yet another milestone in the trajectory of the events in security architecture of the country.

“It could be recalled that shortly after President Adama Barrow took over the political leadership of this country in 2017, a technical working group was duly commissioned to conduct a comprehensive Security Sector Reform (SSR) assessment to ascertain the gaps and malfunctions of the Security Sector that his government inherited.

“The assessment was completed in December 2017 and the report came up with recommendations that would enable the sector to be transformed to meet the needs of the state and people’s aspirations,” Minister Jallow said.

Minister Jallow expressed his gratitude to the EU, AU and all other partners for their contributions and Coordination efforts towards the security sector reform process.