Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Gambia Government Accepts Janneh Commission Recommendations Against General Saul Badjie


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Gambia Government has banned General Saul Badjie from holding public office for the remainder of his life and accepted the Janneh Commission recommendation for criminal proceedings for theft, corruption and economic crimes be instituted against him.
This decision is contained in the White Paper issued by the Gambia Government. See below the Government’s decision.

General Sulayman Badjie
General Sulayman Badjie (also known as General Saul Badjie) according to his National I.D. Card No: 3082575 was born on the 8th August 1969 in Bwiam. The Commission was informed that he was born Karfa Bojang. General Badjie was the Commander of the Republican National Guard (RNG) under former President Jammeh. He featured extensively in the Commission’s investigations and was declared a close associate of former President Jammeh by the Commission on 13th October, 2017.
The Commission found, inter alia, that between September 2015 and January 2017 alone, Saul badjie purportedly act for former President Jammeh issued written instructions or instructions by text messages to the Governor of the CBG or his deputies for the withdrawal of millions of US Dollars from the Central Bank of The Gambia. The monies were received in cash by soldiers of the Gambia Armed Forces from the Governor of the Central Bank and loaded in vehicles from the Central Bank Loading Bay.
The Commission found that Saul Badjie was responsible for misappropriating or diverting monies in the total sums of $23,645,342, 300,000 euros and D14,606,000 arising from the following:
I. Illegal withdrawals from Central Bank of The Gambia either directly or through soldiers under his command the sums of $15,785,601, 300,000 euros and D9,606,000 for which he is accountable;
II. Monies received from Westwood Gambia Limited for the illegal export of timber on behalf of former President Jammeh in collusion with Niklaeh and Dracos Buzaianu (Rumanian citizens) through Kanilai Family Farms Ltd and BP Investment Group FZE on equal shares of 50% – $7,810,115 for which he is jointly and severally accountable with former President Jammeh; and
III. Monies received from Alhamdullillah Petroleum and Minerals Company Ltd. (APAM) – an illegal company – D5,000,00 and $49,626 (33,000 pound sterling) for which he is accountable.
The Government accepts the findings of the Commission in so far as they relate to General Sulayman Badjie. In particular, the Commission found that even though Saul Badjie’s gross emoluments earned in service from 22nd July 1994 to January 2017 was D2,713,640. He has during the same period acquired at least 8 properties in prime land areas of the country including huge buildings at Bijilo and Brufut Heights. Accordingly, the Government accepts the recommendations of the Commission that the said monies be recovered from Saul Badjie through the forfeiture to the State, and sale, of all his properties more particularly identified in Volume 3, pages 290 – 300, of the Report. The said properties are hereby forfeited to the State.
The Government takes note of the Commission’s recommendation that Saul Badjie’s mother should not be evicted from the part of his property located in Sukuta where his mother lives. The Government also takes note of the Commission’s observations that from all indications, Saul Badjie owns other properties that have not yet been discovered, and the Commission’s additional recommendation that investigations into his assets should continue.
Based on a totality of the Commission’s findings, the Government noted that General Sulayman Badjie was perhaps the most active and trusted associate of former President Jammeh. He played a central role in the cash withdrawals from the Central Bank of The Gambia, and accompanied former President Jammeh into exile. Consequently, the Government has decided that General Sulayman Badjie is not fit to hold public office and should be banned, and General Sulayman Badjie is hereby banned, from holding public office for the remainder of his life. Criminal proceedings for theft, corruption and economic crimes will also be instituted against him.

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