Wednesday, June 16, 2021

“We took the path of healing long time ago,” says Koro’s sister


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By Makutu Manneh

Dr. Naffie Ceesay one of late Ousaman Koro Cessay’s younger sisters has on behalf of her family, told journalists on Thursday 24th October that her family has taken the path of healing a long time ago.

“We have taken this path long time ago before anyone starts saying anything,” she said.

Dr. Ceesay said they took this path so that the perpetrators do not get to dictate how they heal, adding “we choose to dictate when we heal and we have done that long time ago.”

She said the perpetrators have tried to eliminate her brother, but unfortunately all they have done is amplied his message.

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She said her family chooses to remember Koro for how he lived, but not for the way he died. She added that in the past 23 years, they have wondered what to say and what to do with koro’s killers but in the end, they understand all they feel is just sadness.

Naffie said true power is not the use of big guys and terrorizing innocent citizens, but that true power is to hold back from using the power the way you can and instead use mercy that is power.

“We hope and pray that the Almighty will show them more mercy than they have shown my brother and their other victims, she said”.

She added that they believe justice will be served and that they continue to thank the Gambia people for their support which she said, they are very appreciative of and that they hope everybody remains optimistic because for justice delayed is not justice denied, because that is what her family believes in.

She also said a mere apology from somebody or the lack of apology has nothing to do with their path of forgiveness.

Ousman Koro Ceesay was the former Finance Minister under the AFPRC transitional government. According to various testimonies revealed at the Truth Reconciliation and

Reparation Commission TRRC, the late Minister was allegedly murdered by members of the Junta. One of the testimonies pointed fingers at Edward Signhateh who was at the time the Vice Chairman of the AFPRC council and Yankuba Touray the former Minister of Local Government.

However, Edward Singhatey denied wrong doing before the TRRC.

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