ActionAid staff and partners review programmes for 2014


ActionAid stafforganisations have concluded a week long review and reflection process of programmes implemented in 2014. The process, called Participatory Review and Reflection Process (PRRP) is held annually by Action Aid with the participation of staff and partners to review programme implementation and performance for the previous year. It provides the space for sufficient interaction between the various stakeholders for deeper reflections on programme performance and quality and its impact on people living in poverty. The information gathered during the process informs the annual report and the next programming and planning cycle. The 2014 PRRP exercise covered programme areas in the North Bank, Central River and Upper River Regions. Participants were divided into five team and over a three-day period, the teams visited and had discussions on ActionAid supported projects in Dembaholeh, Toubakolong and Juffureh in the North Bank; Sotokoi, Mamudfana, Bambakolong, SareAnnis, Dankunku, Brikamaba and Fass Upper Saloum in Central River Regions north and south; and Jakaba and Sutukonding in Upper River Region. Programmes visited include milling machines, beekeeping projects, hand pumps, seed stores, tie dye and batik, poultry production, vegetable gardening, HIV support societies, groundnut marketing, group management, proper record keeping and a community radio among others. Speaking at the opening ceremony in Tendaba in the Lower River Region, the Executive Director of ActionAid Omar Badji said PRRP is an exercise meant to reflect over past interventions and experiences looking at what worked well, what did not work well and  what communities, ActionAid, partners and other stakeholders can do together to improve programme quality. “It is a continuous process and all of us must be held accountable for our actions”, said Omar. He assured staff and partners that the information gathered will greatly enhance programme quality in our next programme planning. The Head of Programmes and Policy Kebba Sima commended participants for the seriousness and commitment demonstrated during the process, whilst assuring them that their efforts will not go in vain. The 2014 PRRP is the third to be conducted since ActionAid began implementing its fourth Country Strategy Paper (CSPIV) in 2012. Findings generated by these reviews have provided useful information for the annual reports and strategic planning purposes. —END— ActionAid Press Release, 16th January, 2015    ]]>