‘78 Percent of Gambians View Anticorruption, Constitutional Amendments, Critical Issues for 6th Legislature’


CepRass Survey

By: Kebba AF Touray

According to the Centre for Policy, Research and Strategic Studies (CepRass), 78 percent of Gambians interviewed held that the anticorruption and constitution amendment bills are the most critical issues for the Sixth Legislature.

CepRass made these disclosures in their just concluded poll survey which was made available to media practitioners for wider dissemination to the general public.

“Most of the respondents view anticorruption legislation (78%) and constitutional amendments (64%) as the most critical issue for the sixth legislature to address. While the performance of the fifth legislature was rated as good by a majority of respondents (45%), a substantial proportion of respondents (about 37%) reported that their performance was either poor or very poor,” CepRass poll survey reports.

The report also stated that overall, the majority of their respondents (about 45%) reported the performance of the previous National Assembly Members as good, with 3% rating them as excellent.

The Centre also indicated in their report that 14% said they have no idea as to how to rate the performance of the 6th legislature adding that the huge proportion of unfavorable rating by the previous NAMs, can be attributed to the fact that they have not being able to deliver on the anticorruption and constitutional amendment bills

According to the Center, 76% of their respondents said domestic crime is on the increase, with the highest recorded in KMC, CRR and BCC, while 55% of respondents said they are not happy with the presence of ECOMIG Forces in the Greater Banjul Area.

In the same vein, the report said more respondents believe that the new Government is not interested in security sector reform, and that a vast majority of respondents hold the view that Government is not interested in sub-venting local Government structures.