The Lesson From The British Parliament And The French Election


Foroyaa would like to encourage all sovereign Gambians to listen to international news and draw relevant lessons in order to be able to build a more representative and open society. The report on the debate in parliament on the behaviour of the British prime minister during COVID 19 lockdown in Britain in 2020, has confirmed that all countries are going through the challenges of leadership.

It is also obvious that integrity matters in providing democratic leadership. The hard talk between the prime minister and opposition leader and the derogatory language used confirms that the British parliament is not a homogenous group and that its members do not have the same vision of how Britain should be or how the country should be led.

In the same vein what is the debate between Macron and Marie le Pen? It would become clear that countries in Europe do not have the same vision of how their countries should be governed. It is therefore important not to continue to hold the view where we ascribe Europe, the US or the west a certain world view.

We must begin to explore the principles, policies and practices of leaders and government in order to know what they stand for and what that means for the rest of the world. We must keep an open mind to gather evidence on what people say and do in order to make objective analysis in what is happening in that part of the world.