By Saikou Suwareh Jabai Ndey Mata Sankareh, a young Gambian entrepreneur who deals in hairNdey Matta Sankareh dressing, tailoring, tie-dye and batik, is appealing to the authorities to help resurrect her business after staging and unsuccessful trade fair with huge losses.The 27 year old entrepreneur who is based in Tallinding said an investment of about 1.3 million dalasi is on the verge of going down after traders failed to purchase stalls at the trade fair she is organizing at the Buffer Zone at Tallinding/Latrikunda Sabiji. Madam Sankareh, who organized this month long trade fair from 7th June – 14th July, said the objective is to provide opportunities to 95 Gambians and other traders from the sub-region to market their products for the forthcoming ‘Koriteh’ feast. “I have obtained all the legal documents and clearance from the authorities to stage this trade fair,” said Madam Sankareh. She however noted that she is facing some challenges which made it difficult for all the targeted traders to participate in the sales. “As it stands, it appears that I’m going to lose a seven years savings which I have invested in this project,” said a visibly shaken young businesswoman. Visiting the trade fair venue at the Buffer Zone over the weekend, this reporter found the place desolated with few stalls being occupied by traders. When the owners of the few stalls were asked how sales are faring, the response was that they are not selling anything. Madam Sankareh said she is appealing for help from the government, in particular, and the private sector, in general, including the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and Women’s Bureau, to enable her recover this colossal investment from going down the drain. She said she wants an audience with the authorities to discuss her present situation and business.]]>