Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Why Is There Political Confusion In The Gambia?


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The answer to this question is simple. Political parties are bound by party constitutions and coalition is bound by a memorandum of understanding. If political party members and leaders adhere to their party constitutions and coalitions to their memoranda of understanding, their vision and mission, words and deeds will not be contradictory. However, if members of parties and coalition do not adhere to constitutions and memorandum of understanding, the left hand will not know what the right hand is doing.

Look at the issue of the three years and five years. The public would hear leaders advocating for five years while their members advocate for three years. In the same vein, meetings of Coalition 2016 are called even though president barrow has declared in no uncertain terms that he will serve for five years and that he is prepared to stand after the end of the five year term. However, the members of the Coalition would claim that he would serve for three years and he would not stand for re-election after three years.

The public is being told that they should have a mind of their own since each Gambian is free and is not a sheep, goat or cow that is branded as the property of another human being. Each should understand what each situation demands and not allow anyone to confuse their minds.

Gambia has gone through a decisive change though the ballot box and leaders have a duty to be faithful to the people. People have the power to hold them accountable through the ballot box. They can be their own judges and saviours. This is what matters.

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