Wednesday, August 4, 2021

How Many Millions Will The Gambian State Continue To Pay For Human Rights?


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No matter who governs the Gambian state is the Gambian state. Today’s leaders have to pay for the wrongs done by previous leaders. Tomorrow’s leaders will pay for the wrongs done by present day leaders.

Hence violations of human rights by agents of the state are done at public expense. Hence the public should show concern. The Ecowas court has granted damages to many victims of human rights under the past regimes. Now there is still detention without trial and occupation of villages like Kerr Mot Hali with contradictory instructions from the courts and the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Sooner or later matters that are not resolved by the courts are likely to go to the Ecowas court for fair hearing and decision. According to section 72, the Attorney General is the principal adviser of the Government. We hope that he will strengthen any part of his office aimed at addressing human rights violations so that the government will be properly guided to prevent it from paying endless damages for preventable violations of human rights.

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