“We need to practise Professionalism and Creativity in the Entertainment Arena” Says Abass Secka Video Director


With Mamour Mbenga
Foroyaa art and Culture conduct an exclusive interview with aAbass Secka
prominent Senegalese Graphic Designer and video director who has been
working in the Gambia for a decade in the entertainment arena. Abass
Secka has been very supportive and effective in his job, especiallywhen working with artistes. The Senegalese based video director has so
far worked with prominent local and international artistes.
‘’My name is Abass Secka alias Abass artistic am the CEO of Artistic
Designs am a Senegambia citizen who loves both Senegal and the Gambia,
I first visited the Gambia in 2006 the time my father was working in
one of the NGO’s. I studied graphic designs in Senegal from 2003 to
2005 and obtained my two years diploma program in a private institute
in Dakar; I have been in the field of graffiti and graphic designs
since 2001 and video directing since 2008.” “I have produced more than
30 music videos so far,’’ Abass said.
Abass Secka also addresses artistes to maintain professionalism,
creativity and work hard to improve self-development and contribute to
national development in the entertainment arena.
Mr Secka is currently working with the Africell Company and has been
ever since working with many prominent Senegalese Hip Hop stars like
Books, Reskp, Kangam Squad and Gambian Stars too like Sir X, Poetic X,
GrandixKroo, BigAmz, far’’ etc. Mr Secka urges Stakeholders, Fans,
DJ’s, Promoters and event organisers to put more support in the
entertainment arena. “Gambians are talented but lack the support,”
Abass told Foroyaa