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Sandeng Quitting Music


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With Mamour Mbenga

Sandeng, a female vocalist of the Humanity Starz in Gambia, hasSandeng
quitted music for the time being, according to the Band’s Manager Mbye
“Sandeng just text us and say she is quitting music for the timebeing. She now venture into hijab,” Bittaye told Foroyaa Art and
Culture in an interview.
“We have just taken it in good faith and continue on our normal
routine in music. The band members are still committed to pursue a
career in music as we are on rehearsal for our upcoming concerts,” he
Foroyaa Art and Music understands the quitting of the star comes at a
time when the Band is working on an album and have already released
two promotional singles entitled ‘Kenen’ and ‘Maakyaw’. The two songs
are to be included in the group’s 2015 album.
Sandeng was part of the band that was formed in 2004 comprising
fourteen people with the support of The Gambia Red Cross Society
through a two-year project funded by the Icelandic Red Cross.
Together, they released two albums: ‘Aduna’ and ‘Jotna’. After the
project elapsed the Humanity Band operated independently and spent
four years in learning instruments.
“Our messages in the songs talk about burning issues in society, for
example, the singles ‘Aduna’, ‘Halal’ and ‘Arjana’ all talk about
daily issues in society,” Mbye explained.
Gambian music has this year seen to of its promising talents quit.
Earlier in 2015, Gambian Rap-Mbalah singer Gibou Bala-Gaye alias Gee,
announced he is bringing his music career to an end. He said it’s time
for him to venture into new things.
Gee was voted Artist of the Year 2014 in an award ceremony that was
largely criticized for being “below standard.”
When announcing his quitting, Gee said: “Besides, the disrespect in
the music scene is too much, no end of promises. I’m a person who if I
don’t see many changes for quite a while in anything I’m doing I move
on. I’m not growing any younger and ‘time ammut’ (no time).

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