WCR Governor Calls For Proactive Measures To Address Hazards In Region 


By Nelson Manneh

The Governor of the West Coast Region (WCR), Ousman Bojang, has called on the regional disaster management committee in his region to take proactive measures to address hazards within the region.

The newly appointed Governor of WCR made these remarks during a day-long refresher training of 30 members of the regional disaster management committee drawn from partner institutions held at his office in Brikama.

“Looking at the condition of Brikama alone during the rainy season needs active measures to address floods and other disastrous issues,” he said.

Bojang outlined the importance of the Regional Disaster Management Committee with the region, highlighting their roles among others and the reason why they should work closely with regional authorities in ensuring a resilient region in the face of climate-related hazards.

“I am a native of this Region and I know some of the difficulties the people of Brikama in particular went through during the rainy season. My office is open to all partners who are interested in addressing some of these issues,” he said.

Governor Bojang also urged the regional disaster management committee to come up with an action plan that will help mitigate or avert the negative impacts of prevailing hazards, especially during the raining season.

He went further to reassure the committee of his strong political will and commitment at all times as far as his office is concerned.

Meanwhile, the prediction of the 2022 seasonal climate outlook by the weather and climate services department of water resources has indicated that the West Coast Region will register the highest rainfall in the country.

This information prompted the west coast regional disaster management to prepare its staff and partners for any emergency disaster responses.