Abdoulie G. Dibba

Self-sufficiency in Wassu, Pallang and Kuntaur in Niani District in Central River Region North is on the brink of threat as their UNTRANSPLANTED NURSERY RICE PLANTSlowland rice fields are left uncultivated due to flood.

Rice farmers in these villages, voiced their frustration over the wreckage on 4 November 2015.

According to them, the heavy down pour of rain in this cropping season has rendered their rice fields flooded thus making them un-cultivatable.

Talking to this reporter at Kuntaur, Maimuna Barry asserted that they were not able to work on their rice fields due to the flood.

According to her, the rain fall this year is too much and as a result all their fields became flooded.

She said the flood will impact negatively on food security as their will be no harvest of lowland rice in Kuntaur in this rainy season.

Kumba Saidy of Pallang endorsed what Maimuna has said and called on Government to help them to ensure food security.

Fatou Ceesay of Wassu indicated that the uncultivated rice fields in Wassu, Kuntuar and Pallang, are triggered by running flood water forcing the transplanted low-land rice field to submerge.

As a result she said, the rice farmers in the area could not transplant their nursery plants.

She concluded that the situation is precarious, undermining their self-sufficiency dreams and impacting negatively on their livelihood.