World War veterans share experience



Some of the Gambia veteran soldiers who participated in the World Wars and are still alive have shared their experience with this report during the Remembrance Day Celebrations.

Most of these soldiers are very old now. Some of them who have lived for nearly a century (100 years) are still strong and energetic.

Speaking to A Private Soldier of the Gambia Regimental Number 8039 West Africa, he said he took part in World Ward II and was around his early 30s.

He said it was a great pleasure to be part of those who were selected to be participating in the War in Germany.

He said he sees this as a great pride and Honour in going to war, in securing his people that is the Gambia and the World at large.

He said during those days he was at the Bakau Camp as a private soldier, were he was selected, to join the entourage and he said they went with a special Ship through Barra to Germany with other west African soldiers from Nigeria, Ghana among others.

“I remember Kindy Kamara was among our prominent leaders who were very brave and hard working. He really fought had and helped in making Gambians to be well noted in the World War,” disclosed the old Veteran Soldier.

He also explained some of their constraints. He said during the war it was very difficult and tough for them, because “I can remember for three days we were not able to have water or food to eat”.

He said he is residing in Farato.

Another Veteran called Alhagie Gewru Suso Regimental Number 100076, said he was born in Basse but is a Resident of Old Jeshwang.

He said when he was going to the War he was around 20-24 years he added that he was not a soldier before but he volunteered to participate in the War.

He revealed that, he and his crew were taken by ship to Japan from the Gambia through Senegal, Nigeria, Egypt and other African countries.

He said his involvement was to make sure that the world is secure. He further said it was really a sad moment at that time.

“War is not easy, because killing people and seeing your people being killed is so sad but I had to defend my self and the world,” he asserted.

He advises people to maintain peace in the world.

Speaking to Foroyaa, Modou Barry a Man in his 100th Year of Age said he is from Kuloro, he said Gambians have done remarkable participants during the war.

For his part he said during those days he was forced by the former British commissioner to go and participate in the world war, so he joined the Ship and travelled to the West.

He said he was not happy when he came back because a lot of his colleagues died during the War.

Sidy Sambou said he was born in Siffoe Village and is now residing in Brikama, he also said he took part during the world ward.

Below is the full history of the Remembrance Day.