WABSA Holds Workshop on Mangrove Regeneration and Coastal Erosion


By Sailu Bah The West African Birds Association (WABSA), on Friday 23rd October 2014, atPicture of the Participants and presenters the Banjul City Council Chambers held a day-long workshop on mangroves regeneration and Coastal Erosion. The aim of the workshop is to enlighten the people especially the youth on the importance of Mangroves to the lives of the people and the dangers of coastal erosion as well. The workshop was attended by students from different schools, members of different organizations, representatives from the ministry of Forestry and members of WABSA and media personnel. As the chairperson of the forum, Abdoulie Krubally, a WABSA member, welcomed everyone to the Forum and also urged participants to make the best use of the presentations that would be made during the forum. Amadou John, WABSA National Coordinator, in his remarks highlighted the importance of the forum to the participants and further emphasized the importance of mangroves to the environment. “Mangrove control is an issue of concern that needs to be considered in order to be able to sustain our environment,” Mr. John explained. Lamin Jorbateh, Executive Director of WABSA, said this workshop is part of WABSA’s projects. He added that the project is funded by a regional NGO from Guinea Bissau that works on Coastal Environment protection. “We Seek for sponsors of a 1 year project to create awareness amongst people by training them on how to regenerate mangroves and protect our coastal environment,” he announced. Mr. Jorbateh said, “We are here to supplement government’s efforts in protecting the country’s flora and fauna. And if we lose all our mangroves, then we will not be able to have good fish and lots of birds will travel away to other places which are not really good for our environment,” he emphasised. “As part of the WABSA aims and objectives we create community awareness on environmental sustainability and established bird sanctuary and community forest,” revealed Mr. Jorbateh.]]>