UDP Asks Gov’t To Expedite Relief Support For Windstorm Victims


By Nelson Manneh

The United Democratic Party (UDP) on Friday 9th July 2021, called on the Gambia Government to act with all deliberate speed to comfort the afflicted and to provide relief to the people whose dwellings and possessions have been devastated by the windstorm.

UDP said the damage is huge and widespread, affecting people that are already struggling to get through daily life.

Ousainu ANM Darboe, the Secretary General and Party Leader, said they stand in solidarity with all those that have lost family members, suffered damage in properties or have been affected by the windstorm of- July 7th 2021.

“To compound the misery, the rainy season is the most challenging period for the majority of our population. Trapped in poverty, most people have exhausted the little food and financial resources they have scrounged together from their previous harvests,” the party said.

The party said disaster preparedness is now part and parcel of the mitigation and adaptation strategies to combat global climate change and NDMA and the Ministry for Climate Change must act swiftly to assist all those affected by this disaster.

“While it is true that no one can prevent natural disasters from happening, planning and preparedness can significantly mitigate the adverse impacts on poor and vulnerable families particularly in rural communities. As such, all public policy making must factor the consequences of climate change and put in place measures that will accelerate investments in building resilient communities,” the party said.

The party said in the last few weeks, they have seen the Banjul City Council (BCC) and the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) cleaning the drains in preparedness for the rains and annual flooding of the Greater Banjul Area where the majority of the nation resides.

These efforts, they said, need to be fully supported by the Central Government through the allocation of resources specifically earmarked for such eventualities.

“The disappearing forest covers and the devastating impacts of climate change require that the Government put in place an integrated and comprehensive policy framework to avert further disasters,” the party said.