Tourism Minister Debunks Claims Barrow Uses State Resources for Political Campaign


By Nelson Manneh

Hamat Bah, the Minister of Tourism and Culture, has debunked claims that President Adama Barrow uses Government resources for his political campaign.

Minister Bah made the remarks on Thursday, 25 November, 2021 during the National People’s Party’s (NPP) rally in Gunjur. 

 “I have seen in one of the Newspapers that an observer group for the 2021 presidential election reporting that President Adama Barrow uses Government resources for his political campaigns. This is not true,” he said.

Mr. Bah, the party leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) which is part of the NPP-led Coalition for the 2021 presidential election, said he has been in politics for many years and it is only President Barrow who uses his own resources for his campaign activities.

“The observers are saying that the security officers are using state vehicles. If they do not use those vehicles, which vehicles do they expect to use,” he stated. 

Meanwhile, the people of Gunjur village during the rally, said they recognized the significant developments that have taken place in their village and the Constituency at large.

“We are going to vote for the NPP party. We have already recognized what NPP is doing and we are ready to support the party,” various speakers indicated in their speeches at the rally.

“We are farmers and most of our women during the dry season used to work on their gardens. These gardens are not properly fenced and we want the Government through the Ministry of Agriculture, to help us fence these gardens,” the speakers highlighted in their speeches.

They pleaded with the Government to provide the villages in Kombo South with boreholes, to ease their access to water.