The President Of A Country With The Second Highest Life Expectancy Resigns Of Ill Health


Japan is recorded as a country with the second highest life expectancy in the world. Life expectancy in Japan is 84.67 years.  This is 87.7 years for females and 81.5 years for males.  The outgoing Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe who is considered to be the longest serving Prime Minister in Japanese political history has announced his resignation on Friday  28th August 2020 because of ill health.

Abe at 65 is reported to have decided to step down due to “chronic inflammatory bowel condition” which inflicted him since his teen years. This confirms that while a Nation may have its good or bad health system, each individual has his or her health condition to look after. Some people have lived up to above ninety years in the Gambia despite a health system which could only guarantee a life expectancy of 62.222 years. How to stay healthy should be a matter of concern for all. Foroyaa will be assisting in that regard.

Hence, there is an individual and nation fight for better health.  The fact that the Japanese outgoing Prime Minister was able to combat a health condition since his teen years to serve his country, at the highest level is a testimony of the need not to allow one’s goals to be disrupted by health conditions. On the other hand, when one’s health condition creates infirmity of body rendering one incapable of discharging one’s public functions, one should bow down rather than spend more time in hospital beds at public expense instead of spending it in office at the service of the public. The gesture of the Japanese Prime Minister is a lesson for all persons occupying high office in the world.