In 2016 change of executive power came through the ballot box for the first time in Gambian history after 52 years of exercising the right to independence and self-determination. This development convinced every Gambian that their votes matter.

After 2016, National Assembly and council elections followed. The April and May council and mayoral or chairpersonship elections will mark the end of the transition period. The Gambia would then elect the general government representatives who would have to address the needs and aspirations of the people or fall in the next electoral cycle.

Since every vote counts. The non-governmental organisations could best serve the country by engaging in massive voter education campaign for the people to know that their votes count. All Gambians should come to the realization that after 2016 the destiny of this country is in the hands of its voters and not protestors or the barrel of the gun. Each vote must be made to count on the side of defence of rights, justice and prosperity of the people. This is the way forward.