The Government Should Not Accept Deportation Of Gambians During The Pandemic


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should try to convince foreign governments to treat Gambians abroad whom they aim to deport as displaced persons who should not be sent back as long as the PANDEMIC is a threat in the Gambia. Fewer Gambians are leaving the country. Hence Foreign Governments should put an embargo on deportation and find other solutions in the form of programmes to give knowledge and skills to such Gambians to prepare them for any eventuality.

News of people brought back for burial should always be relayed to the Gambia Red-Cross that is taking a pioneering role in facilitating the burial of COVID-19 Cases. An incident is narrated where a mother, who was staying with a son abroad who passed away, came back before the arrival of the body to witness his burial in their home village. She went through quarantine and went home. When the body arrived for burial, she collapsed and passed away.

There is need to take COVID-19 more seriously and assist our people to understanding how it could kill the most vulnerable in terms of physical fitness and existing poor health conditions. Take the precautions seriously. The life you save may be yours.