Wednesday, December 7, 2022

How do you contribute to fighting the spread of COVID-19?


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Medical and Health staff should be treated everywhere as heroes and heroines leading the fight against the PANDEMIC. The Red-cross should be celebrated as a pioneer institution in the forefront, so far, in fumigating public places and helping to bury bodies of those who could not survive the fight against COVID. NDMA has been distributing food to the vulnerable groups through the use of coupons thus providing a reliable means to verify whether people have received their entitlements at the end of the whole exercise, when they will then deserve a feather on their caps, If everything is distributed as indicated in the coupons.

The KM is also picking up steam in fumigating markets. It is being observed whether , they would include mosques, schools , hospitals , football fields, beaches and other public places. One expects that they would use curfew hours and a shutdown day like Sundays to fumigate streets.

Finally, regulation 17 of the Public health( Dangerous Infectious Disease) protection Regulations states:

1) A person who has reasonable grounds to suspect that he or she
a) has or may have been exposed to a dangerous infectious disease ;or
b) has recently been in close proximity to a person who has , is reasonably likely to have or may have been exposed to a dangerous infectious disease,
c) shall disclose the fact to a health officer.

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2) A person who has reasonable grounds to suspect that he or she has or may have had a dangerous infectious disease shall comply with these regulations for the purpose of managing such dangerous infectious disease , including but not limited to self -isolation.”
The message is clear and the choice is yours to contribute to the fight to defeat COVID-19.

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