SeyiiTolof – Part 84 EPISODE 7 (Difficult Marriages) (Taking the other Spouse for Granted.)


By Amie Sillah

The Couple (Ken and Sasum)

“Now I’ve listened to both of you and this is my advice: Divorce is a last resort you should go and think about it then report back to me.”
“This woman wants her freedom and we shouldnotdenyherright. She lives in memory lane and should not be denied.” Ken posited.
“Don’t be sarcastic Ken!” Ndombe chided him.
Sasum just looked at him and shook her head.
“Divorce has three steps: Think, talk, and think again!”
“I am sorry made the papers available and ready.”
Sue shook her head after heavy sighing.

At Ken’s Home
Mama Katty (Kendaka)

She kicked against it and Ken chided her.
“The timing is wrong your dad is on a campaign to win an award as the most successful business and family man of the year what we do not need now is a negative media campaign that he could not influence the married life of his children. What the family does not need is negative media campaign for distraction.” Mama Ken argued.
“Mama!When have you become Susan’s fan?”
“I agree that she should go but my problem is the timing we have to avoid scandal because the competition is all over Arica and it is very tough.”
“Let us not stop her mom let her go to meet her freedom at her lost memory lane.”
“I agree totally, but it is the timing, dad’s ambition to win the prestigious award, wait until after the elections Ken!”
“No it can’t wait! I want my freedom now! Freedom at last!”
“Are you not going to beg Sue?” Ken asked.
“No! No!”
“The Scripture says pride goes before a fall!”
“The same Scripture says God resists pride and gives grace to the humble!” Sue responded.

Mama Ken
She chided her:
“Shut up! This thing, ingrate, I warned my son about you but he would not listen, a pig will always be a pig;”
She then turned to Ken:
“Didn’t I warn you? You ended up with this thing, wretched daughter of a wretched ‘washer-man!’”
Sue laughed hysterically and with sarcasm she said:
“I always insist ‘Dry –Cleaner’!”
“How dare you! I feel like squeezing the life out of you!” She sprang to hit Sue but Ken intercepted her;
“It’s okay mom! Don’t soil your hands.” He then turned to Sue and challenged her.
“Susan I dare you tomorrow!”
“Trust me!” She responded.

Mama Ken
“Under one condition, stay and pretend you’re married to my son until my husband has won his award then you can go; agreed? Swear it! I say swear it!”” Mama challenged.
“Yes be yes and no be no! Agreed!”
Ken was taken by surprise and he kicked against it.
“Neigh! She will not stay in this house!”
“You owe her no obligation you can do as you wish and pretend she does not exist!”
Sue again took them by surprise.
“A perfect arrangement! Now permission taken to prepare the Last Supper as member of the Bah family to go to my office” She pointed at the direction of the kitchen.
“Tomorrow the Official Divorce goes through, we will live apart and you pretend as if I do not exist!” She jumped with excitement and happiness and this surprised and confused Ken all the more.

Sasum is excited and happy, much fulfilled as she served dinner to Ken she cooked a delicacy; she put on a romantic music and shakes her body enjoying the melody as she served and ate her share. She then took her empty plate back to the kitchen. Ken is very confused as he just stared at Sue.

At Ndombe’s Office
Mama Ken and the couple visited Ndombe’s Office.She made an unusual request.
“Susan says you can help us though officially divorce we want your client to stay at home for a couple of months until my husband wins his award.”
“Excuse me!” Ndombe paused.
“Your children have issues and you are here thinking about an International Award?”
“My so called children are no longer interested in their marriage and want freedom.”
“And you think you should give it to them?”
“Of course I should give it to them.” Mama ken insisted.
Ndombe is not sure about the request. She turned to ask Sasum.
“What do you say Susan?”
“Ndombe! This is a perfect arrangement, I can’t wait for it!” She laughed.
Ken is worried and disappointed at Susan’s answer; he can no longer understand the changed Susan. He requested for an audience with Ndombe. She asked the women to excuse them.

Alone with Ken
“This is very unusual! I cannot understand her.” He complained.
“I think so! How can she make such a request, your mother?”
“I did not mean my mother, but my wife.”
“How do you mean?”
“Why is she in hurry to get out of the marriage? I thought she would have been depressed and begged but it is the opposite, we never leave apart for the past 16 years, she loves, respects and practically worship me. There is something Mrs. Bruce! Please help me get to know what she is up to? Let me go and get her.” He left and Ndombe reflected and asked questions.
“Men and their ego! Pride, indecision, neither yes nor no want to be in charge all the time; he would have been happy if she was depressed.” She hissed.
Sue came in alone.
“Susan I must confess I am as confused as Ken is. What are you up to?”
“Nothing Ndombe! I just want my husband back, I want to identify the problem and solve it permanently; I want to be happy, that’s all!” She smiled.
“If you sign the document!” Ndombe explained.
“I have officially live with this man for 10 years and unofficially for 16 years I know him to my finger tips; I want to tweak that thing to get my husband and friend back; please Ndoms give me the opportunity.” She pleaded.

To be Cont.